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Nicholas Cage Saved By Superman


Nicholas Cage is one of the most eccentric actors in hollywood, yet he is well liked. He is also well known for overspending – a $3 million island in the Bahamas, the late Shah of Iran’s Lamborghini worth $450,000, a pet octopus, a couple of castles, and more. His net worth is estimated at $25 million, but he had way over that amount during his peak. Well one thing he also spent on was on a 1938 Superman comic book, which he bought for $150,000 in 1997. But in 2000, the actor reported the rare comic book stolen to the Los Angeles police. But luck was with Cage, as he recovered the comic book in april 2011 in an abandoned storage locker. Just when his money was dwindling Cage put up his precious memorabilia in an online auction, selling it for a record-breaking $ 2,161,000. It was the first comic book to sell over $2 million. Even though most likely aside from the comic book being rare, having the iconic actor as the previous owner probably increased its value as well. Nevertheless, we can safely say that Superman once again saved the day, particularly for Nicholas Cage.