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Susan Sarandon’s Racket


So what does Susan Sarandon love aside from acting? Well, this Oscar winning actress loves ping pong (table tennis). Proof of this is her 2014 comedy Ping Pong Summer , where she takes on a “sensei” role in a flick dedicated to table tennis.Well, apparently her love for ping pong goes beyond role playing. She happens to be co-owner of a chain of ping pong clubs called SPIN. Sarandon opened the clubs with business partners Franck Raharinosy and Jonathan Bricklin.Raharinosy explains “ I think that Susan got very intrigued by our concept of ping pong parties and the super diverse group of colorful characters that were attending those.” Well, the clubs have attracted a colorful bunch of celebrities as well. Jimmy Fallon once said he saw the late legendary Prince at a SPIN club wearing a double breasted crushed blue velvet suit holding a ping pong paddle (racket). Prince turned to Fallon and asked him, “You ready to do this?” Well, Susan seems to be in the right racket literally.