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Steve Carell Preserves A Piece Of Americana


Carell is one of America’s most versatile comedians, and is much sought after in Hollywood. He has done several well known films, yet continues to be a simple and unassuming person. Well for the small town of Marshfield Hill, Massachusetts, locals were surprised and fortunate to see and talk to this celebrity. Carell decided to purchase a general store in 2009, and not just an ordinary general store. The Marshfield Hills General Store has been around for over 155 years. It seems that Carell wanted to “preserve a piece of Americana.” Fans of Carell often visit during summer when he is present in the store. He explained on the Ellen DeGeneres show, that the shop sells “penny candy and muffins and coffee and little items.” Well this comedian still finds time to be active in his store. And that is no joke people.