Surprising Other Ways 19 Wealthy Celebrities Make Money

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Aerosmith’s Games


Aerosmith is considered a legend among rock bands, they have withstood the test of time. While a lot of bands come and go, Aerosmith has performed since the 70s and are still in demand as of this year. They have released countless albums, and have multiple hits to their name. While they have made millions with their performances, a large chunk of their money was earned in the most unexpected manner. Reportedly, their video game Guitar Hero: Aerosmith has earned more money than any of their albums. Activision chief executive Bobby Kotick explained,” Their version of Guitar Hero generated far more in revenues than any Aerosmith album ever has. Merchandising, concert sales, their ability to sign a new contract, have all been unbelievably influenced by their participation in Guitar Hero.” By 2015, the video game sold over 4 million copies. In contrast, Aerosmith’s 2004 album Honkin’ on Bobo, sold 160,500 in its first week. So the band found a way to make good money without even having to release new music.