Surprising Other Ways 19 Wealthy Celebrities Make Money

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Venus Williams’ Secret


There was a time where women’s tennis was dominated by two sisters, Venus and Serena Williams. Their long lasting careers made their rags to riches story legendary. Plus all the racism they have endured proves they were able to handle tremendous adversity, and excel in their field. But for Venus, tennis is not her only game. Many are unaware that she also works as an interior designer in her own company, V Starr Interiors. It was launched in 2002, but has not been publicly popular. “It’s been one of the best kept secrets,” Williams proudly explains. But for those in-the-know among the elite crowd, the company has done massive projects for many celebrities. “ Homes of NFL and NBA players in Davie and Miami; model residences in Delray Beach and Palm Beach Gardens; a hotel chain in Miami,” wrote the South Florida Sun Sentinel. Well the secret is out, we wish Venus more business to come.