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It’s “Just Water” For Jaden Smith


Jaden Smith is the son of popular comedian-actor Will Smith, but is also popular as an actor as well. But it does not stop there. Jaden, with the help of his father Will, co-founded an eco-friendly bottled water company. They established it in 2015, but chose to stay behind the scenes until 2018 to let the brand gain its own momentum. Jaden helps promote the company’s vision by creating several videos on climate change, renewable resources, and sustainability. He also is active visiting schools to promote awareness of the dangers of plastic and pollution and to encourage the youth to be part of the change. Just Water sells responsibly sourced water from upstate New York that is packaged in a bottle made from 82% renewable resources. The company has 3 bottling facilities in the US, UK, and Australia, selling its distinctive mostly paper water bottles in 10 countries, and in 15,000 retail outlets in North America. The company is growing so quickly, it has become a major source of income for Jaden. But as he claims, the main objective was not really to make money, it was more to help make people aware about their environment and help change it for the better. That explanation does hold water.