33 Amazing Life Hacks To Try Today

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Manage Your Microwave


Microwaves have been a popular household appliance for over fifty years. It is difficult to find a kitchen that does not have one in modern-day America, especially if you live in the city where space is a premium. It is also hard to find a microwave that has never seen a plate of exploded food. If you try your best not to look inside your microwave every time you use it, this is the hack for you. Fill up a microwavable bowl or large glass measuring cup with two cups of water and two tablespoons of vinegar. Add one drop of your favorite essential oil as well, to make your microwave smell fresh and to help dissipate the smell of the vinegar faster. Put the container into your microwave and turn it on high for five minutes. Once it pings, don’t open the door for another fifteen minutes, ensuring all the steam works away at the baked-on grime. Make sure you remove the container carefully, that thing can be hot!