Here Are 9 Reasons People Fart And 9 Ways To Cure Them

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Cures For Farts:

In actuality, there is no real “cure” for farting, especially since we mentioned earlier that farting is actually a very healthy and normal occurrence when a person has a healthy gut. But of course if you have over the normal 1% of non-smelly or odorless gas, then there are things that you can do in order to lessen the chances of having toxic or incredibly foul smelling flatulence. See the 9 different “cures” as follows:

1. Quit Smoking


Smoking, whether it’s from cigarettes, cigars, vapes or e-cigs, people that indulge end up swallowing extra or excessive amounts of air. Because of this alone, the digestive system ends up creating extra gas within the digestive system as well, which is normally expelled via farting. One way to help lessen extra gas is by quitting any form of smoking. Besides, you’ll do yourself a favor by quitting now since it will increase your chances of having a longer life span almost instantly.