23 Secrets About Fast Food Commercials That Are Kept From The Public

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The Food Stylist


Now that you know about some of the tricks a food stylist utilizes in photography, get to know a little about the magicians themselves. Food stylists are like special effects artists, whether it is for a commercial shoot, or a food magazine. Most of them are also cooks or chefs, and some of them are experts in photography, though normally they don’t shoot the products themselves. But, it is not rare for a food stylist to be a jack-of-all-trades. Surely they don’t come cheap. And there are specialists, some only work with drinks, or burgers, or noodle dishes. Whatever they are, they surely are experts in food manipulation. They use various tools in their trade, some different from others. While there are many food stylists available, just like there are many artists, only a few have reached the maestro level. These are truly the magicians of food photography. And just like any magician, they never reveal all their tricks.