29 Amazing Food And Drinks You Need To Try In Japan

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Source: https://www.lifegetsbetter.ph

Another dish pleasing to most Westerners. It is basically deep-fried breaded pork cutlets that were dipped in a flour-beaten egg batter mix. It is served with teriyaki sauce, shredded cabbage, and some sets come with a bowl of rice and miso soup. There are specialty restaurants for tonkatsu, but you can find them served almost anywhere. However to get a real delectable experience, look for a specialty restaurant. Then you have a basis of comparison with tonkatsu anywhere else. It is also served as a sandwich filling (katsu sando), or on Japanese curry (katsu kare). The name Tonkatsu was used only after 1959. So for the older generation, it was what you know as Pork Katsuretsu.