29 Amazing Food And Drinks You Need To Try In Japan

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Source: https://files.tofugu.com

Okay, maybe not a popular dish for Westerners, but amazing as well. It is similar to a pancake the way it is pressed on the griddle, but the ingredients are much more different, and tastier. It is typically made with flour, eggs, and yam. However, you can add more ingredients to it, like beef, shrimp, squid, vegetables, cheese, and mochi. Some places are interactive with the chef going to your table and making it on a griddle, while you help the chef by adding the ingredients you prefer on your dish. Truly a tasty memorable experience. A must try in Japan, no doubt. It may resemble a pancake, pizza, or omelet. It is available all over Japan, but Hiroshima and Osaka have different variations. Hiroshima-style includes a layer of fried Soba noodles.