29 Amazing Food And Drinks You Need To Try In Japan

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Source: https://images.japancentre.com

An onigiri is a boiled rice ball lightly salted, and often filled with ingredients like umeboshi (dried plum), salmon or cod roe, all wrapped in a sheet of nori (dried seaweed). A light, and easy snack found all over Japan. Foreigners seem to enjoy this snack as it can be eaten on the go, and purchased in the streets, or in convenience stores. It can be enjoyed any time of the day, and can satisfy your hunger even as you have to travel. Some are also filled with chicken, fish, or pork. There is more variety than you can consume, really. Each one brings a different experience, some more satisfying than others. Once you decide what your favorites are, well then good for you. Note also that even as you can find onigiri almost everywhere, there are still specialty shops that only make and sell onigiri. Best to start tasting there.