29 Amazing Food And Drinks You Need To Try In Japan

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Japanese Whisky

Source: https://whisky.suntory.com

Japan may have not been known for their whisky (not scotch as that is whisky from scotland only) a few years back, but it has taken the industry by storm. The most popular brand, and the country’s first distillery, is Yamazaki. It was established in 1924, but whisky production has been going on in Japan since 1870. Yamazaki has garnered many awards for their products, and there is a demand for rare and expensive Japanese whisky. Many are sold at auctions, and a rare, 50-year old, single-malt Yamazaki whisky sold for $470,000. But don’t worry, there are good Japanese whiskies that sell for about $100 a bottle or slightly more. Other brands include Suntory, Nikka, Hakushu (distillery of Suntory), Ohishi, among several others. So if you are a whisky person, you don’t have to drink sake or shochu in Japan. Enjoy the flavors of Japan, food and drinks alike.