29 Amazing Food And Drinks You Need To Try In Japan

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Source: https://feelfukuoka.com

Another amazing soupy dish, but not quite as heavy as Chankonabe. It originated in Fukuoka and is a soupy stew of beef and pork offal meat cooked in a pot with various vegetables. Most likely cabbage and nira (Chieses leeks). Hot pot dishes are popular during the cold months of winter. After consuming your fill, you can add noodles or rice to the soup to make a rice gruel from the soup. This is usually done in households in Fukuoka, but even Tokyo residents are also making this dish. However, they do not taste the same. So if you want to try the original, you have to visit Fukuoka. And there are so many restaurants serving their own version, so what really is the original recipe anyway? Well, for as long as you are happy with the taste, all is good.