29 Amazing Food And Drinks You Need To Try In Japan

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Source: https://www.macheesmo.com

These are noodles made of buckwheat flour which gives them their greyish/brown color. They were popular during the Edo period (1603-1868) being a favorite of Samurais. The noodles are about as thick as spaghetti, and are served either hot or cold, and with or without broth. They come in many different variations. The most basic Soba dish is Mori Soba, in which boiled, cold soba noodles are eaten with a soy-based dipping sauce (Tsuyu). If you prefer, you can also have green Soba, Matcha Soba, which is Green Tea Soba. Soba is eaten all year round, but some are specially served seasonally. Toshikoshi Soba, a symbol of longevity, is only eaten on New Year’s Eve.