29 Amazing Food And Drinks You Need To Try In Japan

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Sakura Tea

Source: http://cdn.shopify.com

A popular drink for celebrations like weddings and birthdays. It’s made from edible cherry blossoms (sakura), and pickled in salt. This is because fresh cherry blossoms can be harvested only once a year, so Japanese started pickling them in salt and ume (plum vinegar) in order to enjoy the sakura flavor all year round. It has a very unique flavor with a subtle, flowery scent and flavor. But the first taste sensation is the saltiness, which foreigners may find surprising. However, the beautiful flowery fragrance and taste takes over. In the old days, many households with gardens with cherry blossom trees used to make their own pickled sakura. Nowadays, there are companies that do this in large amounts. Most people buy from them instead of making it themselves. It also has no caffeine.