Sneaking Into Her Daughter’s Dorm Room Made This Mother Truly Regret It

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McKenna to The Rescue

McKenna Pilling/Facebook

The bond between mother and daughter was indeed special. They saw humor in an experience others would get traumatized about. McKenna completely understood her mother’s confusion. “She must have mixed up the dorms. When she walked in, it was all packed up so it could have been my dorm,” McKenna says in defense of Deanna’s blunder. She explains that it was an honest mistake, as it was only the second time she set foot in the sprawling campus. “ She just waited there for 5 minutes and decided to send me a funny picture,” McKenna added. It was the best thing Deanna did, it saved her from a more embarrassing situation. Any longer, and maybe the real occupant would have returned to see a strange woman on their bed.