Sneaking Into Her Daughter’s Dorm Room Made This Mother Truly Regret It

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Countdown to The Master Plan


Deanna missed her daughter so much, even though McKenna came home for about 2 weeks for the holidays. As the days passed, the excited mother continued to work on her plan. It was simple, fly to Utah the day before McKenna was scheduled to return home for summer break, surprise her, and help her pack for the trip home. She had been planning this even before the holiday break, continuously thinking about it. She wanted it to be flawless, and hoped her daughter would be so pleased. Deanna only told her husband about her master plan, he had a right to know. She could just see the glee and surprise in her daughter’s face, after all, who would not want a surprise visit from their mom? Especially since the two were so close. But Deanna never expected on what was to come.