Sneaking Into Her Daughter’s Dorm Room Made This Mother Truly Regret It

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Panic Strikes Once Again

McKenna Pilling/Twitter

As if she had not been through enough, she experienced panic once again. She was in the wrong place, and had to get out immediately. She quickly got up, put on her shoes, and made a dash like the flash. Once outside, she was able to breath and replied to McKenna, “ I am in the wrong dorm, OMG.” Well, she wanted a surprise, she got one. Mckenna said, “I was just confused at first, and then I immediately figured out what had happened.” She further added, “ I was in a panic of where she was. And I was scared of whose room that was. I didn’t want her to embarass me.” Well, having a dazed and confused mother may be embarrassing, or amusing, depending on how you look at it. Needless to say, Deanna kept running away.