The Hottest Females In Race Car Driving

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Inessa Tushkanova


Maybe one of the more controversial of the female race car drivers, but not for her driving skills. Inessa is one hot babe, and she knows it. She has posed several times in the nude, whether it was with a racing car or not. She was involved with equestrian sports when she was young, and she had the sexy athletic build for it. From horses she went to motorcycles, and was involved in a lot of races in amateur motorcycle racing. Her career as a race car driver began in amateur race car driving as a navigator. When she started racing as the driver, she won her first victory in class Midget, and later on won the Kotlina Mocy rally. Still, many fans really don’t care about her achievements as a race car driver, they seem more interested in her modelling stints. Different strokes for different folks.