The Hottest Females In Race Car Driving

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Natasha Chang

Top Gear

This Jamaican race car driver broke the Guiness World Record of fastest ascent up Doi Chang mountain, Thailand, by car. She became the fastest driver to complete the 1,000 meter climb in a production car. She first made her mark in race car driving in 2006 when she participated at the Palisades International Speedway with the Jet Con Race Team. In 2013, she became the first Jamaican female to compete in the Carribean Motor Racing Championship, when she took the field in the Group Two class in her 1995 Honda Civic hatchback. She was born in Jamaica, but is proud of her Chinese heritage. She is nicknamed “China doll”, and is listed as the 8th of 25 Most Beautiful Race Car Drivers in the world by Yeah! Motor website. She loves to compete, and her looks make the races more interesting to watch.