29 Most Expensive Pets You Can Own

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Lavender Albino Ball Python

Source: https://morphmarket-media.s3.amazonaws.com/

Estimated Value: $40,000
Other Pet Expenses: cage and habitat ($400), food ($30 per month), healthcare
The lavender albino ball python is one of the smallest African pythons and makes an excellent exotic pet. It closely resembles a regular albino ball python with red eyes, but it has a lavender base color instead of white and has a more defined yellow pattern. Its average price is $40,000 but prepare to spend more money on its housing and care.
Your snake will need a good, escape-proof enclosure that has many hiding places inside and enough room for it to move around. A glass cage is a popular choice, and you can set up an all-glass terrarium for $100 to $400. Also, consider the recurring costs in maintaining your snake enclosure, including new bedding and sanitation. Lastly, your snake will eat small rodents like mice and rats, but you’ll only need to feed it once a week, ideally at night since your pet is nocturnal.