29 Most Expensive Pets You Can Own

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Source: https://cdn.britannica.com/

Estimated Value: $4,000
Other Pet Expenses: annual costs ($6,000)
Wallabies, often called mini kangaroos, are common in the wild in Australia and New Guinea, but they’ve been introduced in other countries likes New Zealand and the UK and are now kept as exotic pets in the US. While some wallabies are friendly and docile, with a temperament similar to a dog’s, others get anxious and exhibit odd behaviors like regurgitating their food before eating it again. Domesticated wallabies will follow you around and get along well with other house pets.
It’s illegal to own a wallaby in many cities, but with a permit, you can keep one in a large outdoor enclosure in certain states like Tennessee for $4,000. Since wallabies are social animals, it’s best to own at least a pair, and the size and cost of their home will increase based on their number. These herbivores need fresh, chemical-free grass to graze on, along with wallaby pellets, green vegetables, apples, and vitamins. Since they’re prone to get intestinal parasites, they should have regular check-ups with a vet who treats exotic animals.