29 Most Expensive Pets You Can Own

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Bengal Cat

Source: https://cdn2-www.cattime.com/

Estimated Value: $5,000
Other Pet Expenses: annual costs ($1,000)
The Bengal cat is a very intelligent feline that’s easily recognized by its leopard-like appearance. It has an exotic look but not the size and risks that come with a large, wild cat. This breed is very affectionate, friendly, curious, and playful, demanding a lot of interaction and entertainment. Unlike most cats, the Bengal cat loves the water, often playing with the water in bowls, running faucets and fountains, tubs, and even fish tanks—it will most likely paw around and catch your pet fish.
The Bengal cat can cost a lot depending on their generation rating, coat color, and markings. F2 and F3 generations can cost up to $5,000 while an F1 female can be purchased for $10,000. Then, you’ll need to shell out more money to get it spayed or neutered, buy it lots of toys, feed it, and train it to stay indoors.