29 Most Expensive Pets You Can Own

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Source: https://image.insider.com/

Estimated Value: $1,100
Other Pet Expenses: food ($20 per month), enclosure ($1,000 or so depending on size)
While it’s baffling why you’d want to own a pet that can easily maul and eat you, some people do keep saltwater crocodiles or freshwater crocodiles as pets. In Australia, more than a hundred residents are permitted to own pet crocodiles. However, it is illegal to own a crocodile in California and many other states in the US. You’ll need several permits to import or export a crocodile from the Northern Territory or if you want to acquire one from the wild.
While you can get a crocodile for $1,100 or less, take caution that you should only consider owning this huge reptile if you have the experience and the space to keep one. Your enclosure should be several times bigger than the length of your crocodile, and there should be a pool of water that is large and deep enough for your croc to submerge. In the wild, crocodiles have an extensive selection of food, so don’t limit your pet’s diet to just chicken or beef. Lastly, a crocodile can live up to a hundred, so while your kids could be financially independent in their early 20s, your large semiaquatic pet is going to rely on you for many decades to come.