29 Most Expensive Pets You Can Own

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White Lion Cub

Source: https://imgc.allpostersimages.com/

Estimated Value: $140,000
Other Pet Expenses: initial set-up ($100,000), annual costs ($13,000)
If you thought it was impressive to own a bobcat or a tiger, imagine seeing not just your regular tawny-maned lion but a gorgeous white lion cub in your backyard. This stunning exotic animal is not considered an albino, but it lacks the yellowish-brown color due to a rare mutation that results in reduced pigmentation. White and majestic, it’s been revered by tribes in Africa, and with proper licensing and permits, you can own this massive feline for $140,000.
Before you get yourself a pet white lion cub, make sure you’re equipped to take care of this sizable cat that can grow up to 10 feet long and weigh up to 530 pounds. You’ll need a stainless, steel cage to transport your cat, and one that’s big enough to hold a lion will cost you $20,000. You can’t squeeze the cage in your car to bring your cat to the vet, so expect to shell out another $38,000 for a van or truck large enough to carry the cage. Food, raw meat, and vitamins will cost you $10,000 annually, and trips to the vet for vaccines and other health concerns can cost another $3,000 per year.