29 Most Expensive Pets You Can Own

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Cotton-top Tamarin

Source: https://www.marwell.org.uk/

Estimated Value: $4,000
Other Pet Expenses: food ($100 per month), diapers ($20 per month), habitat, healthcare
The cotton-top tamarin is one of the smallest primates, and it is easily distinguished by its white sagittal crest that spreads from its forehead to its shoulders. However, this beautiful primate is among the most endangered species in the world because people have been destroying its tropical forest habitat and are illegally selling it as a pet. Because the cotton-top tamarin is very sensitive to any changes in its habitat, moving it from the wild drastically shortens its lifespan from 24 years to 13 years. If these numbers haven’t discouraged you from getting a cotton-top tamarin, you can obtain a Class III license from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and own this gorgeous creature for $4,000—but only in Florida.
Plan to spend money setting up a home that closely resembles its natural habitat, with lots of branches, ropes, and poles for it to climb and hang on to. Aside from these expenses, you need to invest in your new pet’s healthcare, diapers (if you’re planning to keep it inside the house), and food.