29 Most Expensive Pets You Can Own

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Two-Toed Sloth

Source: https://slothconservation.com/

Estimated Value: $3,000
Other Pet Expenses: habitat ($3,000), food, healthcare
The slow-moving, mild-mannered two-toed sloth is becoming a very popular exotic pet. However, even though it shows no obvious signs that it is stressed, this solitary mammal does get upset when it’s petted, bathed, or groomed. Still, some families prefer to own a pet sloth because not only is the easy-going creature cute, it can get along well with young children. It’s also not loud, it’s unlikely to attack people or destroy furniture, and because it moves very slowly, it’s easy to keep an eye on it.
You can buy or adopt a two-toed sloth for $3,000. You’ll need to set up a place for it at home that closely resembles its natural habitat. It can be a small room with a hot and humid environment and lots of logs, branches, poles, and hanging things for it to climb on. It’s going to be difficult to replicate its diet of leaves found on the trees of Central and South America, so you’ll need to check with the zoo where they get leaf eater pellets. However, since these pellets are not what the sloth normally eats, expect visits to the vet because of digestive problems.