30 Adorable Animals That Are Actually Dangerous

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Source: https://images.unsplash.com

A domesticated cat does not equate to it being tame. While they are adorable and cuddly, most cat lovers have one time or another been clawed, hissed at, or even bitten. Some breeds are more dangerous than others, particularly the hybrids (breeding a domestic cat with a wild cat). But this won’t stop people from adopting them as pets (in reality it’s the cat that adopts you). They are natural hunters, and any smaller animal is at risk – birds, rats, chipmunks, etc. In the US alone, cats are responsible for an average of 2.4 billion bird deaths a year, as well as a staggering 12.3 billion mammalian deaths per annum. That’s a lot of kills. Be aware, and never take things for granted.