Remembering The Legendary Kobe Bryant

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Kobe’s Home.


Being one of the highest earning athletes, particularly in the NBA, you would expect Kobe to live in mansions. Well, his favorite home is the $10.95 million California mansion. Still, that was just a small dent in his large bank account. The house was originally built in 1997, and features a home cinema, a customized indoor shark tank, a gigantic pool with an outdoor spa area, a waterfall, hair salon, and an indoor gym. Of course there has to be a basketball court, Kobe’s daughters also loved the game. And, a tennis court for some relaxing court exercise It has 4 large bedrooms, and five and a half bathrooms. It has 2 kitchens, one indoor, and the other for outdoor cooking parties. We won’t even bother with the lavish decorations and ornaments that adorn this legend’s crib. But it surely was much more than a mansion, it was Kobe’s home. It was were he enjoyed being with his family.