Remembering The Legendary Kobe Bryant

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Injuries And The Final Season.


Great athletes are susceptible to injuries, and Kobe had his fair share of them. Some more damaging than others. The 2013-15 seasons were the injury plagued years. From an Achilles injury, knee injury, tear in his right shoulder, to even a broken nose, these injuries sidelined the legend for several games. He had to undergo surgery for some of the injuries, yet managed to recuperate and continue playing the game. He maintained being the highest paid player in the league, and was the oldest player to ever achieve 30 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists in a game. He became the 3rd all-time NBA leading scorer, surpassing Michael Jordan. Still being plagued by injuries, he played in the season opener to begin his 20th season with the Lakers in 2015-16. But his performance was nowhere near what he was used to. On November 29, 2015, Kobe announced he would be retiring at the end of the season. In the press conference after the announcement, he acknowledged his declining skills. “Even though I play like shit, I’ve worked really, really hard not to play like crap and I do everything I possibly can. And I feel good about that,” he said. I the season finale on April 13, Kobe scored a season-high 60 points i his last game against Utah, being the oldest player to score 60 points or more in a game at 37 years and 234 days old.