29 Things You Should Never Do In Hong Kong

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Never Stick Your Chopsticks In A Bowl of Rice

Source: https://www.justonecookbook.com

While you enjoy your dim sum or sweet and sour pork with a bowl of rice, remember to never stick your chopsticks upright into the bowl of rice. This resembles the way incense sticks are burned and dedicated to the dead. Similarly, don’t leave a single chopstick lying around because it looks like a single incense stick that is again offered to the dearly departed. Instead of sticking the chopsticks vertically in your rice, just lay them on a rest or put them across your dish. You can also neatly place them on the table when you are done eating. Also, don’t stab the food with your chopstick because this is considered rude. If you’re having a difficult time picking up food and bringing a morsel from your bowl on the table to your mouth, you may pick up the bowl to bring it closer to your face but still eat using the chopsticks. And just like it’s rude to point at people using your index finger, it’s also impolite to point at other people around the table with your chopsticks.