29 Things You Should Never Do In Hong Kong

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Avoid Public Displays Of Affection

Source: https://casanovastyle.com

The people of Hong Kong are generally conservative and reserved when it comes to physical contact. Even though the city’s population density is high, and the locals are used to accidentally bumping into each other, public displays of affection are uncommon. While it’s typical for people to stand close to each other while talking to avoid having to raise their voice, they do not intentionally make body contact. Hugging, kissing, patting someone on the back, and holding hands in public are frowned upon. They are considered inappropriate, embarrassing, and disrespectful. Hongkongers value their personal space and exposing them to public displays of affection is rude and inconsiderate. Don’t kiss and hug in front of other people, especially children. Don’t distract and embarrass other passengers by smooching inside public transport. Walking around the malls or along the sidewalks with linked arms is not only disapproved, but these touchy-feely couples also tend to move slower and block the way.