29 Things You Should Never Do In Hong Kong

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Don’t Eat Rice Without The Complementary Dish

Source: https://www.hongkong.grand.hyattrestaurants.com

No matter how much you love carbohydrates, never eat rice in Hong Kong without a matching dish. The person serving the meal will be offended because he’ll assume that you’re only eating rice because you don’t like the food he prepared. Rice is treated as a filler, and if you eat it without an accompanying dish, you’re implying that you either don’t like the food or there is not enough food. You’ll embarrass your host in public and cause him to lose face. Avoid eating large portions of rice, too, because it would appear like you’re covering the taste of food with the blandness of rice.
While you’re not supposed to consume a big serving of rice without a complementary dish, you should also not leave grains of rice in your bowl after a meal. These remaining grains represent scars and blemishes on your future partner. Even though this superstition may sound ridiculous to you, as a guest, you should respect the locals’ beliefs and conform to their norms.