29 Things You Should Never Do In Hong Kong

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Avoid Giving Direct Criticism

Source: https://ak0.picdn.net

Never directly criticize a Hong Kong individual’s family, business, and country. This can lead to a loss of face, and that is a big deal among Hongkongers. It is very important for people to save face because this intangible quality reflects their reputation, dignity, and prestige. If you embarrass them by insulting or reprimanding them in public, or by judging or contradicting them in front of someone else, this causes them to lose face. Mentioning or even implying their failure is also extremely humiliating to them. Similarly, if you publicly display signs of anger when you’re reprimanding them, you lose face in the locals’ eyes. Do note that since Hongkongers highly value politeness and saving face, they will seldom tell you no even if they do not agree with you. Therefore, pay careful attention to nonverbal cues to know what they implicitly mean.