29 Things You Should Never Do In Hong Kong

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Never Accept A Compliment Or Gift Without First Refusing

Source: https://thumbor.forbes.com

Hong Kong’s people are very modest and shy. Don’t expect them to thank you when you praise or flatter them. Instead, expect them to politely and bashfully deny your compliment because this shows their humility. You’re encouraged to reciprocate in the same manner when someone says nice things about you. Even if you’re used to saying thank you when someone compliments you, when you are in Hong Kong, be meek and courteously deny the praise instead of saying thanks. Similarly, it is polite to decline a gift a few times before accepting it. However, be careful not to refuse too much because it might offend the giver. Like giving presents, receive the gift with both hands. After opening your present when the visit or party has ended, give your guest a call, send a message, or send a gift in return to show your appreciation.