29 Things You Should Never Do In Hong Kong

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Never Forget To Bring A Gift For The Host Who Invited You

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You should never show up empty-handed whenever you’re invited to someone’s house. Hong Kong’s culture dictates that you don’t go to a Chinese home without a present. Your gift is a suitable way to express your gratitude to the person or people who invited you. Choose wisely when picking a gift. Imported spirits, wine, tea, quality sweets, and flowers are appropriate choices. Gloves, a hat, a foot massager, or ginseng are good options for seniors while chocolates, toys, and books are ideal presents for children. Never give presents in sets of four since that number means “death” in Cantonese. Instead, you can give in sets of three since the number is homophonous to “life” or eight which sounds like “prosperity.” A set of nine is also a good idea because the number implies “eternity.” Don’t give gifts that are difficult or impossible to match because it can cause the recipient to lose face when he can’t find you something of equal value. Wrap your gift in lucky colors such as red and gold, and make sure to offer your gift with both hands.