29 Things You Should Never Do In Hong Kong

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Don’t Immediately Open Presents

Source: https://www.thoughtco.com

In Hong Kong, the locals don’t open their presents in front of the person who gave it. Gifts are left wrapped for some time and are only opened once the giver has left. Hongkongers believe that immediately opening gifts will show guests that you value their gifts more than you value their presence, and this is considered impolite. Also, by opening the gift after the giver has left, you will not discredit the giver in case you find the gift is inappropriate. This is also a good way for both the giver and the recipient to save face in case you are disappointed with the gift. Gift-giving also happens at the end of a party or visit and not when you greet your guests at the door. In case you really want to open your gift before your guests leave, you should politely ask if they would mind if you unwrapped their gift while they’re there. Respect their request if they say no.