29 Things You Should Never Do In Hong Kong

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Don’t Raise Your Voice In Public

Source: https://transformingcities.files.wordpress.com

Even though it is true that Chinese people often speak loudly to one another indoors and over the phone, it is considered offensive to raise your voice in the presence of other people. As a place that prides itself on public order, people are advised to keep their voice down. Tourists should moderate the volume of their voice and be more considerate of people around them. A quiet voice signifies humility, courtesy, and respect. Silence is also an important tool in communication. When you pause before you respond, it shows that you’ve applied enough thought and consideration to a question, and this is deemed polite and respectful. Avoid filling the silence during a conversation and abstain from interrupting someone who is speaking. Wait for your turn to speak. Also, avoid loudly hailing people from afar or shouting greetings or farewells. Hongkongers usually approach the person they’re addressing instead of yelling at them from a distance.