29 Things You Should Never Do In Hong Kong

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Avoid Using Superstitious Colors

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Be familiar with what colors symbolize to Hong Kong citizens so you can avoid wearing inappropriate colors to events. You might consider white as a safe choice, but this color is associated with mourning and death and is worn during ghost festivals. Black might also seem a neutral choice, but to the locals, this color refers to evil, disaster, and death. Red symbolizes joy; it is a traditional bridal color associated with wealth, fame, fortune, long life, and happy celebrations. Even though no one’s going to prohibit you from wearing white or black clothes, never wear these colors to celebrations. Likewise, do not wear red to solemn events like wakes and funerals.
While red is a joyful color to wear, writing with red ink is considered taboo. Red ink resembles blood, and it’s the color one uses to write to a blood enemy. Also never use white, black, or blue paper to wrap gifts since these are used for funerals. Instead, wrap a present in red for happy occasions and gold or silver for weddings.