29 Things You Should Never Do In Hong Kong

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Don’t Walk Too Slowly

Source: https://headout.com

Hong Kong citizens are ambitious, industrious, and have a fast-paced lifestyle. Like the way they quickly react and adapt to progress and changing situations, they are accustomed to rushing from one place or activity to the next. With a high motivation to succeed and be better in a large market city with a dynamic economy, speed is necessary. So, expect locals to be annoyed with you if are moving too slowly and delaying them from getting to their destination. Don’t walk at a leisurely pace if you don’t want to aggravate your fellow pedestrians. Sidewalks are quite narrow, so walk fast and don’t take up all the space when you’re walking with family or friends. Hongkongers are in a hurry and will most likely look for gaps to sneak through. Don’t be offended if they bump into you without stopping to apologize because you’ve already held them up by moving too slowly and obstructing their path. Be mindful, walk fast, and don’t block anyone’s way especially when in a crowded place, when inside a public transport, or when paying at a store with a queue behind you.