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Zhang Xin, CEO And Co-Founder Of SOHO China


The billionaire businesswoman, Zhang Xin, has a net worth of $3.5 billion as of January 2020. She and her husband, Pan Shiyi, earned their fortune in the real estate industry and are founders of the building developer, SOHO China. Born in Beijing and raised solely by her mother when her parents separated, Xin had a humble childhood, living only in a small room and working in garment and electronic factories to save money for education abroad. Xin saved enough to fly to London and worked for a Chinese couple who owned a fish and chips shop to support herself while she studied in Oxford. She earned a scholarship and graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Sussex then a master’s degree in Development Economics from Cambridge University. After graduating and working for the British merchant bank Barings PLC, she returned to Beijing intrigued by her country’s growing urbanization, married her husband who proposed to her only four days after they met, and together they launched Hongshi, now known as SOHO China, developing commercial properties in China’s business districts. From that small room of her childhood to the self-made fortune she has now, Zhang Xin shows how circumstances should not prevent anyone from reaching their dreams.