Things You Should Never Do in Poland

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Get into Fights


This sounds like a no-brainer, right? But since the Poles are notorious for getting into alcohol-fueled brawls and melees after a night of partying and drinking, we think it wise to warn you still.
Fights are so common-place in Poland that authorities are now used to it. Don’t get us wrong though, they may be used to seeing people slugging it out on the streets, but they surely won’t turn away and ignore them. Breaking-up fights is just another day at the park for Polish law enforcers, which is why they don’t even bother to find out who started it and what went down. They will however, arrest and detain anyone they think is involved, bystanders included.
So if you’re anywhere near a fight, get away as quickly as you can because you just might end up spending the night behind bars, regardless of whether you had anything to do with it, or not.