Things You Should Never Do in Poland

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Cuss in Public


Scientists say, that swearing is actually a sign of more intelligence. Cussing, as it is more commonly called in slang, was always believed to be a sign of boorishness, with people who swear more regarded by others as unsophisticated and lacking in smarts. However, studies have shown, that people who have potty-mouths may in fact be more-intellectually adept in the use of language.
If you really want to play it smart during your stay in Poland, better think twice about blurting out the occasional F word, lest you want to end up in big trouble. Swearing is basically prohibited in public places throughout Poland, and the cops will definitely get on your case if they chance upon you spewing vile.
No they won’t clean your mouth out with soap, but they can fine you if your language makes them red in the face.