Wild Hygiene Practices From The Old West That Seem So Wrong Today

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Public Housing Was Horrible

Boredom Files

These days, public housing – while not being the most luxurious – usually offers a clean place for people to lay their head for the night when needed. Back in the Wild West, there was public housing as well, except it was incredibly disgusting. Aside from being rather cramped, most of the beds were made from hay or straw, which oftentimes left loads of room for other unwelcome guests like insects, critters and fleas. The most common of all were lice – or seam squirrels – as they were referred to be back then. While most of the cowboys were just looking for a place to rest for the night to recharge for their journey the next day, they usually slept in their clothes to attempt to lessen any chances of an infestation, but they weren’t always lucky.