72 Advertisements From The Past That Would Never Be Allowed Today

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When Cocaine Was Still Part of the Coca-Cola Concoction

Evelyn and Elsie

Just in case you weren’t aware, soda brand Coca-Cola actually got its name because it used to be made with cocaine from coca leaves mixed with caffeine for kola nuts. Talk about a pick me upper, which is exactly what this ad is trying to show with the line “The Ideal Brain Tonic.” While both caffeine and cocaine are known stimulants that make individuals more awake and alert, cocaine was once used for medical treatment of a number of issues including headaches and pain, and coca leaves are still sold and used in Peru for altitude sickness. But after it became obvious that it caused more harm than good, it was given an illegal substance status back in 1914, and is now considered one of the most addictive drugs on the planet.